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Polarity for SMAW

In the SMAW welding process, there are three types or types of welding machines, namely AC, DC and AC/DC welding machines. All types of welding machines have their respective advantages and disadvantages, if you need two types of welding machines you can buy AC/DC welding machines. For SMAW welding machines

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Variables in WPS

WPS In conducting the welding process, the welder is advised to pay attention to the variables that affect the quality of the weld. For example, the state of the electrode. Welding electrodes are very sensitive to air conditions in the welding chamber. Electrodes used in the SMAW welding process need

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What is Polarization ? anodic polarization vs cathodic polarization

Polarization Polarization is a form of corrosion reaction that causes rust to appear on metal damage. By definition, polarization is the process of polarizing hydrogen ions (chemically electrically) so that hydrogen gas is formed with the help of binding electrons resulting from the metal degradation process. If a metal is

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